Sokoban - Beginner-Special

Especially for SOKOBAN-beginners our leveldesigner Mic browsed his archives and compiled a "Beginner-Levelpack" (for SOKOBLUE plus).

Try out the 10 stages (Copyright by GAMES 4 BRAINS) to get into Sokoban the easy way. Don't forget to read our Sokoban-hints below!

Download SOKOBLUE-Beginner-Levelpack (ca.1kb)

Unpack the file! Save "beginner.dat" to your SOKOBLUE plus-directory or use the import-function of "SOKOFUN pro" to get in touch with the levels!


1. Don't move too quickly. There's a big chance to get into a no-way-out-situation!

2. Sometimes it is necessary, to push boxes (or call 'em pyramids) around in order to make place for other boxes.

3. Many levels are suited with a smart finishing-problem. You have to consider, which marked places are easy to reach and which are not. Push boxes into hard-to-reach places first!

4. Sometimes you have to place boxes near target-positions before pushing them into.

5. Trial and error is o.k., but you can't get far this way. You should rather analyse the problems thoroughly!

6. Patience and practice are the most valuable abilities when solving SOKOBAN-problems. Don't give up too soon!

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