This is the history of one of the most popular logic games ever.
Sokoban was introduced for the first time in 1982 by THINKING RABBIT, a computer games company in the town of Takarazuka, Japan. The game was invented by by Hiroyuki Imabayashi. First versions in Europe were published by SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE (1984 Apple II E).

Many of you will remember graphics like these:

Sokoban-Spectrum Holobyte Sokoban-Original

"Sokoban" (in Japanese terms) means a "warehouse man". Because of the simplicity and sophisticated elegance of the rules and the challenging complexity of the "original" problems, Sokoban quickly became an alltime classic.
The rules of sokoban are very simple:
- Push one stone at a time to goal squares
- Push and Move actions should be minimized.
Many official versions (Boxxle, Sokoban Perfect, Sokoban Revenge) and inofficial remakes of the game appeared over the years for different computers and platforms, among which are C64, Amiga, Spectrum, PC, Macintosh, CE and Palm versions. Now you can easily find a lot of clones that are using levels and ideas of the original sokoban game. Unfortunately only a few versions offer new ideas and unique levels. Google's search request for "sokoban" shows more than 60,000 web page matches. Do you need more clues for the unbroken popularity of this classic game?

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Sokoban is Alive!

Have you ever enjoyed that original Sokoban Puzzle Game? Do you love pushing boxes in games like Boxworld or Boxxle?
Then you could be possibly a Sokoban - devotee!
Are you tired of playing the old and boring Sokoban - stages?
Do you urge for new and original stuff?
Then you are right on GAMES 4 BRAINS websites!

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SOKOFUN pro ... supporting 7 languages:
English, German,
Spanish, Danish, Italian, Russian, Polish
... and importing xsb-files and LURD-solutions ...


G4B Sokoban-Clones:

SOKOFUN pro (Windows)
SOKOFUN - Freeware (Windows)
SOKOBLUE plus (Windows)
SOKOBLUE (Android)
SOKOBAN 22 (Android)


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Play Sokoban 23!

    What makes SOKOBAN 23 unique:

  1. SOKOBAN 23 can be played instantly in the browser on most devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.).
  2. Your playing area will be enlarged to maximum size, so the game is playable on both small and large devices.
  3. Choose a unique Sokoban puzzle from one of our level sets.
  4. Control your pusher in a very convenient way by selecting the obstacle you want to move. You will be shown all locations within reach. Now tap on the destination field to which you want to push the obstacle. The rest happens automatically (as seen in our SOKOBLUE versions). Alternatively, use the cursor keys to control the pusher.
  5. When finishing a level: Your move and push records are saved separately. Your solution progress will be recorded. Use the SHOW mode to navigate through solutions. When you set a new move or push record, your old performance data is overwritten.
  6. Enjoy 200 exclusive Sokoban levels in the current version. If you want more levels, keep an eye out for updates from time to time!
  7. Compare your current solution records with our record tables! SOKOBAN 23 RECORDS


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SOKOBAN 22 plays just like SOKOBAN 23 or SOKOBLUE.

Compare your current solution records with our record tables! SOKOBAN 22 RECORDS

If you like to install SOKOBAN 22 on your android device and play it offline for free

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Play Sokoban clone SOKOBLUE
online in your browser!

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Play Sokoblue!

    What are the differences between SOKOBLUE and SOKOBAN 22 or 23:

  1. The gameplay is pretty much the same, but...
  2. SOKOBLUE offers different graphics and different levels.
  3. Compare your current solution records with our record tables! SOKOBLUE RECORDS

SOKOBLUE - YouTube-Clip

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